(For Placement Only: Advertising jargon that means I don't fully have my shit together. hehehe) 

So, I’m going to be completely transparent with you. I’m writing this post a few hours before my solo photography exhibit (2.5 to be exact). Yep, I could easily lean on the infamous  “I’m an artist” cliche and “you can’t rush greatness.” But that would be bullshit. Truth is, I do a lot and I’m learning how to be better at it. In fact, I’m just flying by the seat of my pants. Doing the best I can in the process. Shhhhh, I’m not supposed to tell you that. I’m supposed to act like everything is a piece of cake. But that’s bullshit too. 

I digress. 

Goldi Gold is one of my favorite visual artists in the city for a number of reasons. I’m looking forward to writing them out, and I hope you come back soon to read them. In the meantime, check out some of his amazing work and show him some love. 

IG: @goldigold45

Website: InvestInGold.BigCartel.com

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