The Client


Kassidy Johnson 

Kassidy has a bright, bubbly personality. She's super creative at heart, but works in corporate America using her analytical strengths day-to-day. With her birthday approaching, she wanted to make a bold statement. It was time to break free from other people's expectations and remind herself of who she truly is. 

Tomeka Carroll

Tomeka's a multi-talented, business savvy creative with a passion for higher learning.  She was studying for her doctorate at the time of our shoot. My goal was to create an experience responding directly to all the pressure and stress she was undergoing. I wanted her to see herself as she is: Free, empowered, and determined.

Tai Williams

Imagine graduating with no graduation. Getting your diploma but never walking across the stage. But the world's a stage, right? So why walk when you can skate?

Tai's mom reached out to me via social media about shooting her graduation photos. The session was also a gift for her 18th birthday. So, we came up with a concept totally unique and authentic to her everyday life.  I'm so thankful for the Williams family trusting me to capture something so special. 

Lauren Harris

Lauren is a mom, a home cook, designer, and founder of the Lo Eats World blog. Her content is all about preparing clean, affordable, local food dishes. We chose to tell her brand story with bright welcoming colors inspired by the vibrant fresh fruit and vegetables she uses daily. 

“Very rarely do you get to see a vision truly come to life, only a real artist can make that happen. Working with JB I saw just that.”


“I enjoy JB's unique imagery so much. He really understands how to capture the scene and make that special moment last forever.”


“Jonathan’s gentle and confident direction brought out a brilliance I didn't know I had.”


“Working with Jonathan is always a pleasure not only because of his great skill set but due to him being able to really connect with the client.”


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