Young Kings

From Ponce De Leon to Ralph David Abernathy, bike culture is pumping hard through the heart of Atlanta. This photograph was captured by Jonathan B. Banks in Gordon-White park during the summer of 2021. It is the inspiration for this short film. And it's entitled Young Kings because they rule the streets they ride.

The Goals

1. Raise awareness about Atlanta bike life.

2. Raise funds to help provide bikes, maintenance,  and safe riding spaces for undeserved African American Bike Lifers in Atlanta. 

The Team

Creator: Jonathan B. Banks 
Director: Dr. Arshley Emile
DP/Editor: Dr. Arshley Emile 
Gaffer/Camera 1: Jeancarlo Gomez
PA/Camera 2: Paul Yates
Cultural Liaison: Chilly-O
Executive Producers: 
Timberhouse Films
Journey Brave 

The Life

From pulling clutches to pushing pedals, "Poppin' wheelies"  through the concrete jungle is  an authentic, unapologetic form of self-expression. It's art. Culture. Freedom. Escape. Bike life. But in the news and in certain neighborhoods, it's criminalized. That's why it's best we tell the story of our people. We're helping spread love and shed light on their deeper truths: Their heart and soul. Their passion. Their respect. Their honor. Their legacy. 

Stay in contact

This short film is an independent production powered by the love we have for our community. Reach out with any questions or suggestions. Stay tuned.

Coming Soon.

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